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Pre-Primary Section: Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Prep and I
The Pre-Primary stage is the foundation of every child's basic education. At this stage, the child is introduced to the basic skills of learning through play-way method. The subjects taught will be English and Number Work. Hindi is introduced in the kindergarten section. Environment Awareness will be given through discussion, project work, demonstration and excursions, a lot of emphasis is given on the creative arts and Physical Education etc. they will also be introduced to a unique 21st century Multi-Centre, a fully computerized Edutainment Centre which combines computer integrated learning with 3-D manipulations to enhance learning.

The child adopts himself to the school environment and is nurtured to adjust with the surroundings and peer group. This propels his learning skills and enables him to develop a spirit to curiosity which is the key to learning.

Primary Section: Std II to V
The child is now familiar with the school environment and is exposed to more formal ways of learning and testing. The subjects taught are English, Hindi, Maths, EVS. G.K. computers. Students of Class V are now introduced to an additional language.

Secondary Section: Std. VI to X
The prescribed syllabi of CBSE form the basis of the curriculum at this stage. Students are exposed to a wide spectrum of knowledge which revolve around the basic syllabi. Project work, AV aids, hand-on experience, excursions and visiting dignitaries help to enhance the students form a good foundation which helps them to pursue further studies. The subjects taught are English, Hindi, Maths, General Science. Social studies, III Language ( French/ Spanish/ German/ Sanskrit)and computers.


  • In classes IX and X, a two language system is followed. Students may choose between Hindi and the III language of their choice i.e. they may choose any one of the following: Hindi/ French/ German/ Spanish/ Sankrit.
  • It is however important to note that students who intend to appear for the Civil Services exam must clear an Indian Language at Std. X level as per the UPSC requirement. Students for whom this consideration is important, are advised to opt for Hindi upto Std.X.
  • The School also gives the benefit to the students of classes IX and X to study a III language of their choice, if they so desire.

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